Midi Instruments triggering external sampler issue

Using Renoise to trigger my Akai S1000. My midi controller is connected to a MOTU midi express 128, then to the Akai.

The Akai is set up with drums on midi channel 1. Bassline is on midi channel 2.

Renoise has track 1 drums, track 2 bassline. I set up 2 midi instruments - both inputs are express 128 port 1, channel 1 (my controller). One output is express 128 port 1, channel 1, assigned track 1 (akai drums) and the other is express 128 port 1, channel 2, assigned track 2 (akai bassline)

I’m trying to “select” either midi instrument to JUST play the drums or the bassline. Tried a bunch of different stuff -

  1. Setting up both instruments input to port 1 channel 1 plays both the drums + bassline at the same time
  2. Setting one instrument input to channel 1 and the other input to channel 2 just plays channel 1 (akai drums)
  3. If both midi instruments must play at once, it seems the only work around is turning off either track in the “track scopes” pane?

What are my options here? Is there an easier way I’m missing to JUST send either channel 1 or 2 into the akai, so it plays drums or bassline separately?

bump? Any advice would be super helpful

Not 100% sure I understand what you are describing but below are some screens of a quick setup
controlling an external groovebox from renoise; here we are sending notes to three separate tracks
of the groovebox, the tracks on the groovebox are ‘listening’ on channels 1, 2, and 3.

Create one instrument for each MIDI channel you want to control:

Configure the instrument ‘Output’ to the desired MIDI channel:

Use the editor to compose, here we are using one track per channel:


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