Midi Keyboard: Pressing Notes also sends out CCs

i have a problem and its bug maybe.
When i press some note (at 3 octave) at my MK it not only play sound but send command to some controller at vst.
for example C3 change cutoff at z3ta some other notes change other controllers.
It depend at z3ta, pro-53 and silent and some other vsts

Are you really sure that your MIDI keyboard sends out CCs and its not just keytracking settings of the VSTS (low vs high notes affect parameters like cutoff different).

If you turn on record in Renoise and play some notes, is the MIDI CC recorded into the pattern as well?

You may also want to connect a MIDI monitor like http://www.midiox.com/ to see what exactly your keyboard sends.

Pro53 presets make extensive usage of the “Key track” options, so I bet taktik is right about this.

Belkin: look into Pro-53 for knobs with a “Keyb” label: those knobs tell Pro-53 that the note you play influence the related parameter, thus sending CC messages.

cant reproduce it((( f…

huh reproduced

ok when i have no any midi learn work fine but when i assign some controllers it started to be buggy.

i was pressing D-5 only
and midi ox log

Opened MIDI Input
Opened MIDI Output
0000084F 2 1 92 3E 31 3 D 4 Note On
0000084F 2 1 B1 4A 31 2 — CC: Brightness
000008CA 2 1 82 3E 17 3 D 4 Note Off
000008CD 2 1 A1 4A 17 2 D 5 Key Aftertouch
00000FF4 2 1 92 3E 2A 3 D 4 Note On
00000FF4 2 1 B1 4A 2A 2 — CC: Brightness
0000108D 2 1 82 3E 18 3 D 4 Note Off
00001090 2 1 A1 4A 18 2 D 5 Key Aftertouch
00001471 2 1 92 3E 17 3 D 4 Note On
00001471 2 1 B1 4A 17 2 — CC: Brightness
0000150E 2 1 82 3E 1B 3 D 4 Note Off
0000150E 2 1 A1 4A 1B 2 D 5 Key Aftertouch
000018AC 2 1 92 3E 2F 3 D 4 Note On
000018AC 2 1 B1 4A 2F 2 — CC: Brightness
0000192F 2 1 82 3E 19 3 D 4 Note Off
0000192F 2 1 A1 4A 19 2 D 5 Key Aftertouch

PS I can send rns if you need


again: are these controls bound to keyboard value (“keyboard tracking”)?

are you using a VSTi when reproducing this?
which one? could you share a preset of this VSTi in order for use to check what is wrong?

yes this countrol is bounded and only when it was bounded it work wrong

reprodusing on Z3ta. if need i can do it on other vsts.
Preset its default preset of z3ta.


you forget about it
but it repeat at RC2

You should then let us know some more details about this. We cant help you if we dont know what exactly you are doing.

Which MIDI keyboard do you use?
When does this happen and when not? You said something about a “bound control”.

The MIDI log from MIDI Yoke is not the output of Renoise but the pure/unprocessed output of you Keyboard, right? If thats the case, then there must be some way to disable this in the MIDI Keyboard and this has nothing to do with Renoise at all. Have you already tried to look this up in the manual of the Keyboard?

it happen only when i have bounded controls.
by learn midi. when i clear midi it work bad too…

please tell me what steps you need to know.
and i am using cme-uf6(keyboard) and terratec phase 26 usb(soundcard)

I have both z3ta+ and Pro-53. could you please send me an XRNI with which you are having problem?

my email: it-alien @ renoise…

done to taktik and it-alien
thanks guys
waiting for answer…

I cannot reproduce your problem here with RC2. by looking at your z3ta+preset, I didn’t find anything like a keyboard tracking in the modular matrix: all I see is the velocity of the note controlling the filter cutoff.

unless you are controlling the z3ta+ filter cutoff with a MIDI knob or something like this, I would not see any reason for what you are experiencing: if you are doing so, instead, it would perfectly normal.

in the end: I assume your MIDI keyboard configuration has something strange in it.

ok then need to read FM ok thanks…