MIDI keyboards for windows 8

HI! New renoise user here, really love the program but i have one problem, i dont seem to find many MIDI keyboards that will work with Windows 8.

I would really love to have one besides Renoise…or at least have SOME form of external control for some parameters. Using the laptop keys isn’t
at all bad, but when i want to tweak, i would prefer a knob or fader.

Any ideas or info? I would very much appreciate it

Thanks in advance! :^D

AH! Many thanks!!!, out of curiosity, which keyboards dont require external software/drivers?

Midi is just midi, you only need a driver if the hardware is based on USB. For midi units with din connectors, the soundcard drivers usually apply.
I suspect the Windows 7 drivers will do fine.

AH! Okay i see, many thanks!

Hmm…now that i didn’t know. Which brings me to this next question. i DO in fact have a MIDI keyboard but was unsure if it worked because of the
aforementioned reason (not certain if they worked WITHOUT drivers). Its 49 keys, bigger than i’d like but…would it then work if i just plug it in? Its USB only

Although i already wrote the question, i will attempt it myself and return here afterwards to let you know how it went :^D

Again, many thanks to all who replied to the thread! :^)

M-audio Keystation 88es and M-audio Oxygen 88 both work out of the box in linux… but then again, linux is not specifically engineered to cause problems and headaches :3

haven’t tested in other OS’es, or in windowz. Mac is slightly beyond my budget, and windowz is way beyond my budget AND my patience.

OKAY! Back and with some news about my current situation…

The MIDI keyboard in question is an M-Audio Keystudio 49, not certain if its supposed to be a Keystation or something but the box just says “Keystudio 49
note USB keyboard”

Onto the trial:

I plugged in to the USB socket and, well damn, it started connecting on its own! So, after waiting a while, it connects, i open Renoise, select it as a MIDI
device in Edit>Preferences and…nothing, i get nothing, a little disheartening, but i wasnt about to give up!

SO…i turned it off and on again, selected it again, nothing…

Moved it to the 3.0 USB port, it again connected and again i opened Renoise and selected it as MIDI device, and again nothing…

Tried selecting ALL MIDI slots in the MIDI window, nothing…also tried using the instrument setting tab below the Pattern Editor, and nothing…

If there is ONE weird thing, is that when i go to select MIDI Master, the only option that allows is “Microsoft GS Wavetable synth” and if i select it,
it gives me the little clock and keys on the upper right, but still nothing…it also appears in the Instrument tab…how odd…

Maybe it DOES need the drivers? Or is there something im missing? ANy help would be very much appreciated! :^)

Do you actually see the name of the device in the list?
Wavetable Synth is not your M-audio keystation.
Your midi device should be recognized by Windows before you can select it into Renoise.
The first thing i would do is checking the midi device itself:what channel is selected?
Another thing i would also check is if the Windows driver needs specific setup for the device (a little odd for a midi device, usually it just works when detected) like setting the midi channel.
But the prior thing is really if the midi device shows up in the list and it usually displays the name of the device, not some generic midi device name.

Keystudio is primarily meant for mac. Check M-audio support for Windows drivers. There isn’t a driver for win8, but win7 driver should suffice. If its a Keystation, it should work on both without a hassle.

Back again with even more news!

Alright, so you all know how the last time i had trouble as it DID connect and all but it didn’t send anything to Renoise. Well, today i tried it again, did all
the same motions: connected the Keystudio (to the 3.0 USB port, maybe this is important?) and, as to what you people recommended, i opened the Devices window and it DID IN FACT connect and appeared as a USB device…which means that you many of you were right (much to my joy) and this Keystudio 49 is class-compliant with Windows 8 (at least for me.

Anyways, i connected the keyboard, and after witnessing it appear in the Devices window, opened Renoise, to my surprise Renoise already placed it in its MIDI slots and it worked! But i was curious and tried to the reverse: I disconnected the keyboard, closed Renoise, opened Renoise first, THEN i turned on the keyboard and tried to connect it via Edit>Preferences>MIDI and in THAT way it didn’t work…

But the other way does work, if i turn the keyboard on first and then open Renoise, it lists it as a MIDI device and can use it to play MIDI notes. Still not certain this is solid and will keep tabs on it in case i get connection problems later on.

Still, thank you very much to everyone who replied to the thread to help out, now i just need to read the manual front to back and get experimenting with Renoise :^D

No this won’t work because this never used to work in Windows. Since Dx10 or 11, things clearly have changed in that regard and is being looked into. But Dx10 means minimally having Windows Vista.

AH! Okay, so it wasn’t that i was doing something wrong.

I do remember this happening when i used my older laptop with windows 7, same thing happened, i need to have the device on and connected before opening
the software…