Midi Keyboards

Wondering if peeps could help a brother out and recomend some good keyboards, MIDI devices to use in music production? I’m an everyday working calss 24 year old, so I don’t have bling to drop on the BEST products out there.

Sweet thing about MIDI is, since it’s basically a standard, the choice for me comes down 100% to key-action, which I find to be a preferential kind of thing.

I love going into guitar world, and playing all their keyboards without turning them on just to see which feels best. People think you’re nuts when you’re rockin’ out in silence, it’s fun :yeah:

I’ve just ordered an Evolution MK-461c which looks pretty sweet with all its assignable knobs and sliders. It’s not the cheapest midi keyboard out there, but it’s the one that caught my eye. Can’t wait till I get it. If you don’t need as many octaves, or sliders/knobs etc you can get something considerably cheaper. But I like maximum control ;)

I have an m-audio radium 49 and love it. not too expensive either.

Radium 49

the other versions of this keyboard are the Oxygen 8 and the Radium 61.