Midi Keyboards

I’ve recently bought a Evolution MK449C USB MIDI Keyboard but suddenly realised my USB ports are the older variety. I’m upgrading to a new PC so it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t work but that will take a few months.

So do midi keyboards require USB 2.0 or is 1.0 ok?
I don’t wana have to wait to use it you see.

It should work fine as far as I know, MIDI data doesn’t require much.

and i belive your midi keyboard have MIDI out too along with USB so you can use it if you want…

midi data doesn’t even come anywhere CLOSE to the bandwidth limit for usb 1.1 … usb is measured in megabytes per second. all midi does is send note on/off commands, that couldn’t be more than a couple of KB. remember that midi was invented in the 80’s and hasn’t changed since then.


usb 2 and new standards
are mainly necessary for larger file transferrs, sound cards and streaming

midi will run pretty much the same on either USB 1.1 or 2 i reckon