Midi Learn For Midi Control Device

Can we have a MIDI Learn button on every CC# slot in the MIDI Control Device?

I see it like this:

First I connect the MIDI Control Device to a external MIDI instrument. Then I set a CC number-slot in Learn mode. When your in Learn mode the CC number will be changed to the first CC number it’s recieving by the MIDI-IN. So if I turn a knob on my hardware synth, the CC number that is send by the knob gets automatically assigned to the selected slot on the MIDI Control Device in Renoise.

That way I don’t have to search for MIDI CC lists and I can easily change the CC number to a different parameter by the twist of a knob!

Thanks for reading,


+1 for us hardware phreaks!

Also please add more than just 2 midi-IN devices.

That will make life a lot easier just turn a button…

good idea