Midi learn not available for instruments?

So I don`t see midi learn in instrument automation , it makes it hard to choose the right knob when there are lots of them . or am I missing something here ?

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Anyone ??

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Ctrl + m for midi learn.

When dealing with vst(i) you’ll need to add the correct meta devices in the trackdsp tab if i remember correctly. No renoise in front of me.

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actually I want to make automation with instrument automation device . so don`t know how to automatically(midi learn) assign knobs to (instrument automation) device .

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I keep asking because i can’t believe that this simple yet important feature is absent in renoise . Working with vst’s and automate them is really hard when you have to find every param in the long list . Midi learn is really useful.
So please if anyone knows that i’m wrong and it’s already there ,dont hessitate to tell me .

Only Renoise “device sliders” are mapable to midi. That’s why you add a instr. automation device, and then do what Djeroek wrote (mapping to the sliders of the instr. automation device). Pitchbend, channel aftertouch and modulation are not mappable AFAIK.

Ok maybe i’m bad in explaining .i know i have to use instrument automation device for vst. Let’s say i want to automate filter attack knob , Obviously i have to find it in the list of automation params and this could be little annoying when there are lots of params there , other daws have some sort of midi learn to do this automically not manually .

So so we have this in renoise?

Use searchfield

Oh, I made a tool for this, have a look here: https://www.renoise.com/tools/gui-automation-recorder
(It also can setup the automation device without recording)

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Great i’ll get that
So i assume renoise doesnt have native midi learn ability i guess?

Thanks anyway