Midi Loop Import To A Track


midi loop import to a track

renoise would import the midi loop to the track where the cursor is and would give the notes the current selected instrument in renoise. aodix did it that way ;)

(i’m aware that i can have a second renoise running and copy paste from one to another :)

and another suggestion.

opening vst uis with midi ccs would rock too.

We need a script that imports the midi snippet into a track.
I made an attempt with the new filetype hook that was added to Lua that allows you to load and process files without having to pull them through a binary processor, but Renoise unfortunately still desires to whipe out the entire loaded song before you get the ropes to treat the file itself.
It is still possible to load the midi file as a binary in a script and then extrapolate the info from it, but just a lot more work to build that.