Midi loop record?

Is it possible when setting up a looped pattern and recording midi to with a keyboard, to only keep last take and not having notes overdub from the last round about of the playhead?

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I think this is not possible and I also miss such a feature.

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Not sure if I fully understand your question but I think maybe this is what you’re looking to do? Muting one line, creating a new line and then selecting it will put midi notes into the new line and not delete the notes on the first line.

Actually I just tested it again and you don’t even have to mute the first line at all, just make a new line and select it and the midi notes will automatically post on the new line. Polyphonic instruments will move new midi notes to the right when playing stacked notes (chords) creating more lines, monophonic instruments will only apply midi notes to the new line and wont create additional lines.

This would work if the second column is filled with notes after the first loop and when it automatically switches to the second column.

As a workaround just copy your patterns to the end of the track, loop it, record it, choose the best take and copy it back. It’s quite fast with the pattern matrix.

It doesn’t automatically switch to the next column
I have reported this bug a couple of years ago
Just record a 4/4 beat while looping , then try to record a snare also perfecty on the beat (while looping )
Dependfing on your timing accuracy , the new notes will overwrite/replace the old ones

Yeah no automatic switching unfortunately, only manual switching. Hopefully it gets implemented in future versions, for now it’s just a matter of pausing playback and selecting a new line although it does break your workflow momentarily which can be awkward.

Exactly !