MIDI Macros – mapping custom MIDI controllers

Hi guys,

Could you please help me with custom controller MIDI mapping via MIDI Macros.
How to do so? (please see screenshots)




Bigger 1 screenshot is here

Macros are for something else (they are a feature for the native XRNI instrument, not for plugins.). You can use directly the Meta Device “* Instr. Automation” on the desired track:

  1. Go to DSP panel of track, below the pattern editor.
  2. Search the Meta Device “* Instr. Automation” and load it. Be sure to select the VST instrument: Massive X inside it.
  3. Go to “MIDI Mapping” window [CTRL M].
  4. Manually assign each of the properties of the *Instr. Automation that you want: 1, 2, 3… You will see the correspondence immediately.

When saving the song XRNS, the MIDI mapping will also be saved. You can do this with any VSTi. If the device bothers you, load it on an FX track.

You can use an 8-knob Doofer, entering the * Instr. Automation inside it. But this doesn’t make much sense if you can directly control the Instr. Automation from MIDI.

Hi Raul, thanks for the help, but this is not only what I want to do.
I have figure out how to map soft synth controls, my question was about hardware MIDI controllers.
Please see second screenshot.
I want to map knobs on my Native Instrument A49 Midi controller to Massive X in Renoise.
All this knobs working in Machine 2 or in Komplete Kontrol (Native Instruments soft), but doesn’t work in Renoise.
I was thinking, that MIDI Macros could do the job, but can’t find the way how to do so.


It is exactly what I have explained to you before. Have you really tried it? You can control all Massive X controls through Instr Automation, mapping each of its properties. But you have to map them, otherwise it won’t work.

Made with:

  • VST: Analog Lab 4 of Arturia (inside Instr. Automation)
  • MINILAB mkII of Arturia MIDI controller (knobs in absolute mode)

Oh, sorry Raul. I have missed the line 3. in. your explanation.
Wow, everything works!

Thanks a lot!

I have a new question straight away.

Right, turning the knobs Renoise creates MIDI values in the FX columns (please see screenshot)


How to make Renoise instead of values create a curves? (please see second screenshot)


Thank you in advance.


Magic )

Thank you Raul

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