Midi map rotary and pushbutton to 1 destination


I would like to assign a rotary encoder and a pushbutton to the pitch of my sample. That way I could use the rotary to change the pitch and then push the button to go back to it’s inital value.

I can’t do this by normal midi mapping, because I can only assign one controller cc to a destination.

I’ve tried to workaround this by assiging 2 macro’s to the pitch, so I can assign the rotary and the pushbutton to it’s own macro which then controll’s the pitch/ The assignments work, I can adjust the value with the rotary, but the pushbutton doesn’t reset to the initial value, sometimes it does, I can’t configure it to be reliable.

Does anyone have some advice on how I can achieve this ? Assigning a rotary and pushbutton to one destination? That would be great :slight_smile:


Have you tried setting the Min and Max value to 0.000 to your button link? 0.000 would be the default value.

To be fair, Renoise is not designed for this type of handling (returning the default value of sliders or wheels with a button). For that, one more link should be added for each of them, that is, duplicating the CC assignments. That is a lot of work.

However, this is easily solved using an LUA tool, because you can add an additional virtual button for each wheel or slider with its custom MIDI CC assignment.

Anyway, I think that Renoise is poorly designed with respect to the Macros default value.

When a Macro is linked, for example to the Attack of the Pith AHDSR, it should return the default value, which is 100 ms. However, it will return 7,500 s because it is the default value of the macro (50%).

I think that when a Macro is bridged it should take the default value of the bridged parameter.

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I tried different settings, I even think it worked the first time I tried it, but after changing some stuff it didn’t work anymore. But that all makes sense if it has to be set to 0 and 0 :slight_smile:

will try setting 0 + 0 tonight.

@Raul Setting the min and max, of the macro mapipings, to the same amount did the trick. Thanks man.