Midi Mapping Bug on Transport Loop

On the transport loop button I don’t seem to be able to actually set up a Trigger option and have it function properly. I select the Trigger option and it shows Set on the Midi Mappings dialogue box. The gate option works ok but then I have to hold the button on my midi controller. The play and stop buttons do not have this problem and allow me to set up a Trigger.

Transport:Playback:Loop Pattern [Set]': [Cha10 / F#4]

My Used Midi Mappings:

‘Transport:Playback:Stop Playing [Trigger]’: [Cha10 / E-4]
‘Transport:Playback:Loop Pattern [Set]’: [Cha10 / F#4]
‘Transport:Playback:Start Playing [Trigger]’: [Cha10 / C-4]

It also seems as if the edit button has the same issue.