Midi mapping for up and down arrows? Launchpad

So I figured out how to get the midi mapping to work for left to right on columns. I’m using a Novation Launchpad MK2. I want to map the up and down arrows on the pad to work the same as the up and down arrows on the keyboard. But I can’t find any option for that in all of the midi map controls. Is it there? Am I missing it?

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To pile on here, would love to do the same or similar.

This may just be my lack of understanding in terms of implementation – but if I could use a rotary encoder to swing through the line number I am on, that would be nice I think.

Similarly, to add a modifier to the same action in order to move the selector horizontally across rows.

EDIT: I couldn’t find any similarly named ‘Move to Next Row with EditStep’ from the keybinding xml config within the midi assignment page, so I think you need to map the midi to keyboard commands to make this happen.

I found a couple methods in this superuser.com page, either of which should solve my use case under Linux, but depending on your OS, ymmv.

If these two commands are not included in Renoise’s standard MIDI mapping (it seems), you can create a LUA tool with two functions that do this behavior, and through a link, these two operations will appear in MIDI mapping, for example:

  • Next Line.
  • Previous Line.

For example, the PRE tool has this included, among many other things:
Note: in this specific case, to appear, you must first start the PRE tool.

In your case, the best solution is to create a specific LUA tool with only the necessary code (a couple of functions and a couple of links) if you don’t need anything else…