Midi Mapping Patterns Above 127

Maybe it’s a restriction that makes sence (since 128 steps is normal in midi world)but hopefully this is an overlooked issue.
I tried to assign different portions in a very long track to buttons on my midi controller so I can go to certain points in the track by a click of a button.
but I can’t map tracks after track 127.

You can use relative controller messages here, if your controller supports them and depending on what exactly you want to map in Renoise. Many controllers support them for endless rotaries.

I think you get me wrong. Time for a PrtSc:

As you can see, tracks above 127 are not highlighted and thus not mappable.

just in order to avoid confusions: you are calling “tracks” what actually are called “patterns”

and I like to call myself a tracker veteran :blush:

IC: Yay, 128 is the maximum here. Unfortunately we need a hardcoded value here. Making it max 256 instead would not hurt?

Btw: The limit comes from:

You could change this for “your Renoise” locally by editing the GlobalMidiActions.lua file in the “Scripts” folder next to the Renoise.exe…

Does that affect the standard MIDI Mapping of Renoise though?

Yes, this file IS the standard MIDI Mapping of Renoise.

It would not hurt, but since it’s so easy to change it myself, I don’t feel need for that.
and I don’t know many other people has such insane high pattern count, if so, is there some downside on setting the max to 999?

Yes, its creating overhead.

Let me change this to 512 for the next release. Also have seen that some internal changes need to be done…

Whereas title says “[Changed To 256]”

Obviously doesn’t affect me but thought you might like consistency ;)

And thanks for clearing up about MIDI, had known that but still a little confused with LUA, where it fits into the core Renoise and Scripting as haven’t had a chance to actually fiddle myself and you can never take everything easily from just reading.

I changed line 95 to “local MAX_SEQUENCE_MAPPINGS = 525”
but I can’t see any change in behavior.
I’m clearly doing something wrong.

What also might work more dynamically is simply make everything mappable, but give the mapped pattern a different color-pad to indicate this one is mapped.
Then you can set a limit to 512 and once this limit has been reached, pop up a dialog that the limit has been reached.
Then mapping everything becomes available up to 512 active mappings without having to limit an upper range of mappable stuff.

Still hoping someone can help me here

if this makes sense under the bonnet as well, great!

Please wait for the next release. Also need to do some changes in Renoise…

I’ve changed it to 256 at the end, cause 512 created a small, but noticeable overhead. In RC1 this value can be safely changed though in the GlobalMidiMappings.lua file though, if you really need more mappings.

In future we should get rid of this limit and dynamically add mappings for the actual sequence/track count.

Thanks, that is really good news. This is good enough for now.