midi mapping specific step length values!?!

ok so mashing up breakbeat at 24 lpb using a midi keyboard, i find i usually switch between step values of 6, 12 and 24 lpb using the standard keyboard shortcuts (ctrl+ 6 then alt + + etc)to put down the beat. does anyone know if this can be achieved through a midi controller- it is in a sense- ie using midi mapping you can map a knob to it but the min/max functions are disabled, unlike other more standard fx parameters. meaning that you have all step values to cycle thru making it difficult to stop on a specific value. is there anyway round this or ideally… wouldnt it be useful to isolate the desired values in my case 6, 12, 24 etc then just map those to a knob giving direct access to the values and speeding up the creative process.

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6/12/24. Why not use buttons to Half/Double the value? Easy to make in LUA! Or there are already keyboard shortcuts for this (Or is that what you meant by your “alt + +” rather than stepping through each value?)

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yes there are already keyboard shortcuts. was after a midi solution mainly so i dont have to switch between comp keyboard and midi controller to change step length. i may be sounding stupid but LUA?

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The programming language Rnoise’s API uses.

Do you have a couple of buttons/pads/keys you would be willing to use for half/double Edit Step? Would do you really want it assigned to a knob and constrained to only set to certain values? If so which values would you like to be available? More than just the 6/12/24 mentioned? (Although somebody experienced with coding could probably make a GUI with checkboxes for values rather than having it hard coded into a tool.)

And does Duplex definitely not have this already in it anywhere???

sup. this was a great idea.

i’ve added it to Paketti - pending a larger release, it’ll be included.

any other ideas of stuff you want midimapped @john_anorak ? would be really appreciated. hit me up.


i’ll figure this one out in another pass for this feature. it’s trivial to do. added to todolist here:

any other additional ideas, lmk @kazakore .

EDIT: btw it occurred to me that a knob for 1-64 and a knob for 0-64 would be good. so i’ve added them to todo