MIDI Mapping the Start/End loop in Waveform window

I would like to be able to control the start/end with a midi controller with sliders for when I cut loops in the Waveform-window.

How do I do that?

I tried hitting CTRL and M, but its does not show as an active midi thing?

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You’ll just get a bunch of unwanted crackling if you did. We don’t loop-crossfade in real-time here

GlobalMidiActions.lua (71.1 KB) 1

Hi Mr_C

I added the script in the .lua file and attached my GlobalMidiActions.lua for whoever is interested in this too.

What do you mean by cracking? (It doesn’t depend on how you use it?)

Example of how I would use it: (I have not tested it yet)

I will put in the audio file into the waveform-window and raw-cut undesired parts followed by using this script for looping precession.

I will hold a key with a desired tempo and let it loop and slow adjust start/end to find the perfect spot for my loop.

Said in other words, like a audio precession cutting tool.

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The clicking you get on imperfect loops

Yeah, if you use the start/end midi automation real-time, then think it could give some undesired resultat but that is not the fault of the tool/script but the content sample from the end user.

For my usage as cutting tool is this script pure Gold instead of moving start/end marker with the Mouse :slight_smile: