Midi Module

I would love to see Midi-CC’s, Pitchbend & Aftertouch in the new sampler modulation section as source.
Just like the current Instrument MIDI Control -meta device, but in backwards. Maybe have amount control on it, like the LFO modulation.

Thanks o/

You mean for midi outputting to an external device?
You can assign macros to the functions inmodulation and effects and then also midi map the macros.

Yes, but mapping macro to midi controller isn’t instrument related. Ability to have simple Pitchbend -> Pitch for example.

Here’s also quick sketch, if my explanation was not clear enough:

Yes it is, i was speaking of these macro’s which you can at least control with Midi CC:

The above is just for live usage though, if you also want to record your input, you would need an Instr. Macro device for that instrument on an actual pattern track from where you can record an automation envelope to the macro dial. You would in that case midi map the Instr. Macro device its control parameter.

That would be very nice to have pitchbend (which is not a Midi CC signal) and aftertouch features as well.
I suspect these wil come gradually and eventually

Nice, did not know about that. So I can at least map modwheel & expression pedal as instrument related expressions :)