MIDI Monitor to show mapped features - in realtime

Am I the only one who forgets which MIDI controller mapping I made?
It’s easy to forget wich Button, Slider & POT is mapped to wich function.

I think it would be nice to see in the MIDI monitor, a column showing “Mapping”
When you move a controller or press a button you will se in the monitor if you have mapped it or not.
Image 001

The MIDI mapping window is small and it takes time to figure out which CC or note represent what on your MIDI Controller

Have you seen the window Renoise: Song / MIDI Mappings Info…?

Thanks Raul, I haven’t seen it before. It helps a bit.

I think my suggestion would add a bit more “interactivenes”:

  • Moving a specific control will show just that specific mapping in realtime :slightly_smiling_face:.

If this “monitored mappings” feature idea would hog processing power, a tick box att the bottom for this feature could be added with default setting:off.

The Song/MIDI Mappings Info screen should be wider to be more clear.
But you still have to figure out which mapping is what when there are a lot of mappings.
Image 1

This should be covered in the MIDI Mapping window.
The window should be able to be maximized, or resized. And it is not the only one. By activating the Mapped Only switch, you would easily see all the mappings. But you need to resize the window.

I remember myself suggesting to @taktik to allow resizing the MIDI Mapping and Preferences / Keys windows before version 3.2, when I was going to change the scaling of the entire GUI. It did not.

Just by having a little more customization with the size of certain windows, users would be more comfortable.

Hi. I was coding an application to colorize the buttons for my LaunchKey 49/61 MK2 to be somewhat compatible with Renoise, since there is no official support from Novation/Focusrite regarding Renoise.
It’s an app running in the background and keeping the colors You,ve set for the LK drum pads.
I made it just for fun and to help memorizing which pads where mapped.

But during the process I recalled this thread and thought:
“Well aren’t the MIDI mappings filed stored somewhere?
Could I use that to automatically see what’s mapped on my controllers Pads?”

Added a dropdown selector and info button to see the mapping file in a human readable format.
So here it is, with my minimal knowledge of programming:

LaunchKey MK2 Pad painter (With Renoise mapping viewer)

It gives me just what I was asking for: Overview of mapping (for my specific keyboard), though my first intention with this app was to colorize the drum pads.
(Not using Lua or Duplex because lack of time and my brain too tired to get in to it. )


First, I was only thinking of seeing the drum pad mappings to aid setting abbreviated labels.
And then, why not solving my question on the Renoise forum?