Midi Note Remapping

This might be an odd question, but I was wondering if there was a way within Renoise to remap incoming MIDI notes to other MIDI notes, in realtime? So, let’s imagine if I hit “D-4” on a MIDI controller – I want Renoise to interpret that as an “F#3”. It seems like this would fall under the “Meta Devices” category, but I don’t see something that would accomplish this.

It might be an odd question but it’s vitally important for my studio setup, which involves a physical drumpad controller and a VSTi that contains drumkits. I need to remap the incoming MIDI notes so that the note values sent from the drumpads play the proper samples in the VSTi. I can’t remap the samples in the plugin to different note values, and there’s no way I can modify the notes output from the drumpads for every song I write, as it would be way too cumbersome and, more importantly, I have way more songs (and bits of songs) than places to individually remap on the drum controller. :(

Anyone have any ideas? The VSTi I’m using is Sampletank.


almost every MIDI drumkit has the option to set the notes it sends for each drumpad so, instead of receiving the wrong note and modify it, you should modify the note which the source sends

I would go with It-Aliens recommendation - if you can change it at the source, do it. Also, if it is just a matter of transposing the whole scale, change the basenote in the VST Instrument Properties in Renoise.

There are probably lots of ways solving it in software if you want to do more advanced remapping - using EnergyXT might be one way to solve it (not 100% sure though how advanced you can remap stuff). You could also solve it in hardware, f.ex. with one of Midi Solutions boxes ( http://www.midisolutions.com/ ) that are programmable to do most things you’d ever wanted to do “on the fly”.

Well, I know the struggle though, dealing with MIDI-gear that doesn’t really output MIDI like all other gear does. :)

Thanks, but that absolutely won’t work. As I had said, I can’t possibly make a new drumkit map on the hardware unit for every song. I’d run out of patch memory on the drumpad before I even get an album done. Ie: The Alesis Controlpad only has 20 presets. I’m going to need a custom drumkit for every song I write for this project. The only solution that will work is some song-based solution; ie: one that can load the proper drummap in with the actual song. (not hardware on the drum controller or a separate device or in separate software)

The only useful solution I’ve found that works is the note remapper (called Scale) in Ableton Live which can be inserted as a MIDI Effect prior to a VSTi. Unfortunately, Live is too much money to pay for just a sequencer, which is all I need from it. Perhaps I’ll try to code a similar remapper for Renoise if the Meta Devices thing seems to allow it.

I would agree with noizbot. I also want to remap MIDI notes inside Renoise. I have a Yamaha DTX drumkit which actually don’t have any option to set the notes to output for each pad. It would also be a quite time-consuming task to fiddle around with the buttons on the kit, rather than just pressing a single “drumkit remap” button in Renoise.

Question to folks here:

Isn’t it possible to do this kind of stuff with the Duplex tool ? Or any other scripting tool perhaps?