Midi Note Volume Incorrect With Vst Instruments?

Using VST instruments to play an imported MIDI file results in messed-up velocity / volume levels because of MIDI’s volume range (0-80 instead of 0-40). Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a solution?

As I understand it, MIDI notes have a volume from 0 to 80 (hex), whereas Renoise normally uses a volume from 0 to 40. When a MIDI file is imported it creates notes using the 0-80 range. If you then play it through a VST instrument (I’m using sfz with a soundfont), 40 is the max volume, so all notes above 40 are played at max volume, and all other notes play at 2x the volume you expect.

This issue was raised a while ago in this topic, but I couldn’t find any resolution to the problem.

Attempted Solutions
I’ve tried using Advanced Edit to Div all the volumes by two, but it has no effect on volume values above 40. It seems to ignore them because they are out of range.

I can’t think of a solution other than halve all velocities in the MIDI file, or edit every note by hand in Renoise. I’d rather not do either. :( Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance.

Renoise 1.8 works with 00…80 volume range