Midi-out (!) Support For Vsti

There are AWESome “total integration” Plugins like the ones from www.rekonaudio.com - i have bought these - but unfortunately their MIDI OUT is not sent to the Synth. - Input works nicely.

I assume this feature doesnt take much development time, but would be SOOOOOOOOOO helpful !!!

I think the idea of “total integration” is awesome, however it only works if midi-out is also supported on VSTi.

Alternatively, maybe someone knows a VST Wrapper plugin (OSX) that can do this ?

Hmm… I don’t know, but try out the EnergyXT2 demo, it’s available for Mac too, and very useful for overcoming Renoise limitations.

Have you tried to use a virtual midi cable like MIDI Yoke?

I know Midi Yoke and i love it.

BUT you cannot use a virtual midi cable because you cannot “plug” it into a non-existing midi out port for the vst, right :wink:

Danoise, i wanted to try out EnergyXT but i’ve only found windows verions of it!

I just googled again and found an OS X beta version.

Sounds exciting! - I will try it ! thanks very much for this hint !!!

Mhm ok. I’ve got Energy XT. - How do i route a VSTi Midi-Out now ?

use energy as a vsti in renoise. inside energy add your VSTi with the Midi-Out and a VSTi to generate the sound.

BTW… the current beta (first one ever on OS X) is standalone only. You have to wait a few days/weeks before the vst(i) version will be released.

More info please, i’ve been waiting for this for a while.

Link please?

Addendum: Never mind, I found it:


Appears to be intel OS X only… so I guess it’s not for me and my PowerPC(s) at this time.

Oh well.

Yes, no VST OSX version yet :frowning: