Midi Out to Jack Natives (Linux)

the dropdown midi menu only Lists devices, that are in the Alsa midi realm.
I am trying to send midi to Ingen, which natively uses Jack. I could just wire it up myself if there was the possibility to open a midi out from renoise, but as I cant select Ingen, I cant send out midi.
Is there a workaround?

Maybe a2jmidid can help: http://manual.ardour.org/setting-up-your-system/setting-up-midi/midi-on-linux/

I am using this, but as renoise only opens a midi port when needed, I can’t just click them together since ingen is not using alsa midi and thus doesn’t show up in renoise’s midi dropdown

a2jmidid -e &

…to let it run in the background doesn’t work?

I see, sorry…you need a way from Alsa to Jack.

Maybe you could do a dirty MIDI OUT > MIDI IN trick with your soundcard? I mean, connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT of your soundcard into the MIDI IN port, let Renoise send the data trough the MIDI OUT via Alsa and catch em from the MIDI IN with Jack?

I was thinking the same and it would probably work. But I dont want to do this type of hacking, as I want make this a frequent work practice. And use this on a few channels.
Do you know of any program that can open up “ghost”-midi through ports??

Sorry, i can’t help. Looks like every search points to a2j which seem to be able to do this, but i unfortunately don’t have the time and Linux audio system to try it myself.

Sidenote: Problems like this are keeping me away from Linux for audio at the moment. In most cases problems can be solved, but in most cases it also takes (too) much time.

I can see that having to deal with system configuration can be a pain in the ass. But if you are interested I can make a post on how I have set my System to show you why Linux is in fact worth it

Thank you for the offer, but that is not necessary (at least not for me, maybe it would be useful for others). I know a bit about Linux (i’m a system and network admin and also currently typing this post on a Linux laptop), but prefer Windows for multimedia (sound/gfx) stuff at the moment. :]