I wonder is there a way to controll my good old casio with renoise??
synth have midi in/out, i can controll soft synths and put a notes in tracker with it, but can i do that in reverse action?
is it possible to controll synth with software?
for example programm drumloop with super awesome cheesey synth drums, or only way is to sample it ??

I wonder. Is it possible to look at a manual…

Not In This Day And Age!!!


even printed version of manual is lying on my table right now, have a look in it - nope, opened it once read some things, skip things what have no need at that time, and forgot it :D

thanks for reminding me this is exactly what i will be doing this evening :dribble:

HMM thats wierd that i can choose only 128 programs, but my synth drums is on 255 program :0
is there a chance that i can set synth parameters, for example split drums + bass and then play that with tracker or midi controller? or selecting bank on each instrument via software is the only way?

im having much fun with first 128 programs but synth drums is a must have stuff : D

You must change banks, and possibly you can have different programs on different midi channels too (depending on synth). Drums often are on channel 10 BTW.

HHHEEEELLLL YEA! channel n10 :clownstep:
Thanks you are a GOD!