MIDI panic: limit to only one channel?

I hooked a Yamaha TX81z to Renoise, the poor old unit is displaying a “MIDI BUFFER FULL” every time Renoise is sending it’s load of panic messages. From the monitor it looks like Renoise is sending all-notes/sounds-off to 16 channels regardless the output selection.

It’s not really a big deal for me, since I’ve got Bidule to filter out the unneeded 15 channels, just asking if there’s a native way to do this, e.g. limit the panic messages to a channel?

*edit: Found Ctrlr also has a channel filter built-in, I’ll use that instead. But a native solution is still welcomed!

Is the TX81Z set to omni mode?

Have you tried my guru editor for the TX81Z?

It really is first class

Is the TX81Z set to omni mode?

No it’s set to ch.1. And have nothing to do with editors, it happens with just a plain midi instrument in Renoise; each time when double-clicking transport stop or switching projects.

Guru looks sweet, but I have my custom remake Ctrlr panel :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, it gets a buffer overload with many sysex params so it makes sense that it does that. I just checked it does the same on mine. It sends two params on each channel about 5-6 times?! All notes off / All sounds off

A bit excessive it seems, but perhaps there is some logic in there.

Still you just have to press one button to get back to normal, don’t you?

One button… but hundreds of times. My TX has a defunct front panel (got it for about 30usd…no complaint hehe) that’s why Ctrlr came into play, I made a virtual front panel to remote TX.

whats up with the panel…lcd or buttons?