Midi Pass-through in Chains?

I know midi routing is a long standing request and seeing as it’s not here yet it doesn’t seem likely to come anytime soon. Playing with Bitwig though I realized that almost everything I wanted midi routing for would be covered by midi pass-through, i.e. if midi was allowed to pass through the instruments and effects on the same paths the respective audio is taking.

You still couldn’t do any ‘high end’ midi stuff but at least the basics like midi controlled effects and stuff could be done. Also, if you could additionally run midi into send tracks along with the audio you could do some actual bona fide routing.

I’m not entirely up to speed on this whole discussion and what I found searching was typically several years old, so apologies if this is a dead horse, but this is really what is keeping me from going all-in with Renoise. Pass-through would leave only minor issues I could work around.

If this is your most important request, you are lucky - Renoise already got basic MIDI to plugin FX routing:

Thanks, but I’m not sure that covers it. Doesn’t plugin aliasing just route midi to that fx plugin as if it was an instrument? What I meant is playing and instrument and the effect(s) in that chain, as one, so to speak.

I’ll give it a try again but my understanding was it just makes Renoise treat an fx like a vsti.


Tried it and yeah, unless I’m doing something wrong, it unfortunately won’t pass midi through the chain. You can control the Instrument or the effect, but you can’t control the instrument and the effect at the same time.

I’m not completely following your tracks here, but the effect its parameters are best controlled by mapping the sliders to your midi controllers.
The aliasing is merely for FX plugins that also need note data input for processing along (Like some vocoders rely on that). Perhaps in rare cases, you can also send MX commands from the pattern effect column using the M1 CC toggle on the most right pan-column, but effect plugins should in most cases make their parameters available for processing through the host interface (the DSP parameter strip for the plugin)because these are midi mappable.

Yeah, I mean note data. It would be nice if it followed the audio stream through the chain.