MIDI plugins: Reaktor?

Too bad the support for MIDI plugins (awesome!) does not yet support Reaktor ensembles that work as a midi plugin. Ableton does support this in a weird way, where you have to add a multitude of tracks and set them to receive midi from the generating track, and then from that track, the midi directly from the plugin… I guess Reaktor can’t “advertise” itself as a midi plugin (it probably always has stereo audio out), I know it’s a kind of edge case but is there any plans for support for this?

I’ve been having decent results with Emm@ Em’s MIDI Out Plus Block in the user library. Gate length on input and Velocity routing are pretty important when using this Block. Also, MIDI routing within Renoise is another important thing to keep in mind as a source instrument can’t be used as a target instrument and I have not yet found a way for the instrument slot holding Reaktor to control it’s own sampler, regardless of the ensemble being used. I can also get SQ8 and SQ16 in the Factory Library to send MIDI out data if I add a MIDI Out Module and attach P and G to one of the sequencers outputs, but Renoise only receives on C#0 it seems. Hard to pin down what isn’t working correctly, but I know that the MIDI Out Plus module does work as expected. That said, I haven’t tested it too robustly. Let me know where you get with this as I’m very curious and I love the R/R combo.