Midi Plugins

Wondering if it’s possible to use MIDI VST plugins, in particular, Sugar Bytes Thesys.
In Cubase, Ableton and Renoise it is selected as a VSTi, but in the other programs you can select the MIDI out from Thesys as a MIDI input on another track/channel and I cannot see how to do that in Renoise in order to use the MIDI out from Thesys to trigger and sequence another VSTi or any hardware synths.
Is this possible in Renoise? Thanks

Routing MIDI from one VST plugin to another VST plugin is currently not possible, so no, that part of Thesys is not of use in Renoise.

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Not applicable here memero.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Assuming the same goes for routing MIDI from a VST plugin (Thesys) to a MIDI out in Renoise?
Any plans for this in the future?

Unfortunately yes, MIDI out routing from plugins is not yet supported.
Recently supporting MIDI in for effect plugins was added, i can’t give any approximate time when or if internal routing from plugins will be supported.
The current internal instrument structure of Renoise needs an overhaul anyway and that part is for sure on the agenda.
How midi-out routing comes into the picture will then most likely be discussed as well.

How do we route MIDI into an FX plugin from another track?

Nevermind. You choose the instrument VST FX alias :) AWESOME.


routing MIDI into an FX plugin like Sugar Bytes Turnado works. But I can’t figure out if it is possible to use MIDI plugins like Sugar Bytes step sequencer Thesys, which produce MIDI output. I want to route this MIDI output into another instrument plugin.

I think it is not possible. Please let me know when I’m wrong.


Not currently possible, the only workaround is using something like plogue bidule as a plugin.

Or any other VST host that allows routing internally and accepts virtual midi cables from the outside.

Hi am looking for a free fx chainer that does show up in renoise as a instrument, like mux or something but mux would be a overkill, all I want is a arpeggio vst before a synth. and has to be freeware as besides renoise my whole setup is
: )

I would dig an arpeggiator like this in lieu of a built-in one.

Hey there, I wanted to play around with Reaktor sequencer Spiral. Is is still not possible to take MIDI out of a VST?

Hi (long time; no post)

Is this still not possible in v3.01? I’d like to use Kirnu Cream and the like but cannot fathom out how to do it ie control an incidence of a softsynth on another track (i not newb to DAW etc) but I fear I may be banging a virtual head against an imaginary brickwal. l have rtfm’d btw…:wink:

I ‘spose flippin’ Abletn, Cubse (anyone wanna buy v3.7 on 3.5" floppies w/parallel port dongle? ;)) etc does. No slight on Renoise atm if it doesn’t just back to the drawing board a bit