MIDI Polyphonic Expression

Is there any chance of Renoise supporting MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) in a future version? Or is it already possible to use the current version of Renoise with VST instruments that support MPE and an MPE compatible controller?


Don’t expect this for next version, so for the next 3-5 years not. It would require some structural changes in the pattern, which would lead into lot of dependent changes like changed LUA api (and hopefully some conceptual cleanup, like handling sampler instruments and vst instrument exactly the same). Since they are working hard on making the gui up-to-date and resolve a bunch of bugs piled up over the years, there is no chance to expect mpe support. This is only my personal assumption, I have zero insider info.

You can circumvent this limitation, if you stick with Renoise sampler instruments, which actually already support kind of mpe. If you then deal with it’s limitations.

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