Midi Program Change

Now that 2.0 has such improved timing (thank you thank you!), being able to map program changes to instrument numbers would be really handy for switching sounds during realtime jamming or recording to individual tracks from a controller. In particular I’m thinking of users such as myself who want to use a pad controller with Renoise and switch between drumkits, though there are other applications.

In the future this might also be a good way to queue up the next pattern in a live setting.

This seems obvious and I’m sorry if this has been suggested before; I couldn’t find it.

this is also necessary for some of the softsynth plugins out there like the Farbraush v2 one…

The lack of MIDI RPN (or am i also missing this?) command control is really a massive drawback when it comes to wanting to do what the above posted needs but also basic stuff like controlling certain softsynths which compile their own data replay routines for use in standalone demo productions (such as this Farb Raush one).

Is it possible to add? Pleaaaase? :D

I found out about the little hack you can do;

In the pan column, put C2, then in the effects colum, the hex number of the program you want to change to.

It works for me!! yay, but yeah this is a SHIT way of doing it still.