Midi Program Change

Is there a way to have Renoise sending the current bank and program change of a midi instrument every time I press pley without entering a program change event?
This way if I change a program by mistake, I will just have to press play again to reset to the right one, at the moment, if I have a midi instrument on (example) bank 2 program 7 in renoise and by mistake I change to another program on the synth, I have to either manually change the program to the right one on the synth or change the program in the instrument setting tab then change it back to the correct program again so it will send a program change message.

I know I could enter a program change message at the beginning of the pattern, but I’m wondering if is there a way to have Renoise doing this automatically.

Due to the way Renoise works, with its look-ahead for automation, I think you should only have to put your Program Change in the song once and Renoise may well pick it up when you hit play, even though you are not playing past that actual event. This exact behaviour has been known to confuse people in the past (especially when it comes to doing tempo changes it seems.)

I’m currently using a multi-timbral synth with Renoise,so I have multiple Midi Instruments.
I just find it weird that I have to enter a program change message in the pattern even if:
A- The program is not changing;
B- The program and bank is already part of the instrument.

It would be just a way to make sure my song always plays the right instruments even if by mistake I change the program on the synth.

Should I add a blank pattern with only the program changes at the beginning or add the program changes at the beginning of each pattern?

But then what if you wanted to try different sounds for a while? Surely it’s easier to change it on your hardware than to be changing instrument properties all the time? If Renoise always took it from the Instrument settings it would make it harder to try different things out on the fly.

Haven’t tried it myself but if it’s like all other automatable parameters then once in the song will do. At the start of the song makes sense, empty pattern wouldn’t hurt and would save you trouble if there is any delay with the changing program, but if look-ahead is on (which it usually is) then Renoise should actually read it from anywhere in the song. So if you started with a heavy section of a song, put in your program change, then later wrote the intro, it should still pick it up even if you play from before this point.

As I say this is how it works with other automation and pattern effects. Done very, very little with external hardware myself though.