Midi reaction is bad and

Hello there, i already searched but could not find it.

When i connect any of my midi devices (nanokontrol2 or U-Control) the for example volume slider goes not smoothly but from -5db to +3db.
Also on my nanokotrol2 the S M R buttons suddenly act like an keyboard!

I had this problem before but forgot how to fix this, can anyone help me…thanks!

check your mappings through using ctrl+m, you can set min max values for the range of the controllers you’re using.

Hi, no that’s not the problem (its hard to explain because my English is not great)

It seems to be some sort of stutter or lag?, normally the volume goes smoothly from left to right when i turn the knob on the midi controller but now it’s going from left to the middle to the right in 2 or more big steps, or it just stays on the left and goes to the right fast and back again.

I try different cables, another usb port and also another computer but it stays the same.