MIDI record doesn't do multiple values in the pattern editor

So, I have been messing a bit with NRPN which gives you 14 bit depth automation capability using two MIDI CCs.

So I have CC 6 and CC 38 (which corresponds to NRPN 1) to get my 14 bits, ie 0x3FFF‬ is the max possible or 16383.


BUT when I record this into the pattern editor both values don’t get recorded. Only the one. So even then if I’m using two knobs or sliders with a controller it doesn’t record into poly fx columns. It will do so within the automation editor, but the arrays governing automation should be the same design as the regular old hex columns.

So neither a feature request or a bug really, more like boneheaded design that drifts more along the “bug” side as that kind of thing should be standard specification.

Why is this important (and why Renoise should simply have 16 bit depth within the fx column anyway) is that you can do near audio rate level control data and you don’t have to make use of trying to slew/interpolate from 8 bit to the 32 bit mixing/plugin/OSC/whatever that is more modern. Even this crappy 10 year old BCR2000 will do 14 bit absolute value. (and that’s what I’m using)

To illustrate: