Midi Record from Arpeggiator?

hi, is it possible to record a sequence from BlueArp to Renoise Track to get the full Control?

What’s BlueArp? How does it work?

Bluearp is in my opinion the best arp/sequencer. Its a free midi vst you can load it as a instrument and down under your target synth.
Now chose your bluearp, go to plugin and click in midi Routing your synth. Then you have to Select bluearp and have fun with experimenting

in this scenario you must load arpegiator as one plugin into instrument XX
and route his output to another instrument YY.

oh sorry,
you got it :slight_smile:

Renoise unfortunatly can’t capture the midi output by itself. I used a small second host for this, Kushview Elements for hosting the midi plugin, then route the output with a virtual midi cable like LoopBe1 to Renoise, it will look like any other external midi controller that way.

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