Midi Recording Timing Issues ..

i have problems with midi timing in renoise when recording without quantization.
to be more specific it’s only noticeable on very short chord stabs like in the image below. some chords sound ‘longer’ than they were played. i assume it has something to do with the ‘missing’ NoteOff delay values (marked red). the chords marked green - with full NoteOff delays - have the proper lenght.

the image is of course no proof at all, but i’ld say it’s unlikely that all of the ‘missing’ NoteOff delay values were actually ‘played’ there. it’s not a midi device error and i’m pretty sure to say that it’s a renoise specific thing (no problems in reaper).
i hope the problem is somewhat clear …

I’m not sure either but It sounds pretty plausible.

A delayed Note Off would make the note longer, not shorter.

Although those notes are so far delayed as tyo be so very nearly on the next line, with the Note Off. You could try using the Note Cut command (Fx) in Vol/Pan column if available, otherwise I can’t see anything that will get you even close.

Assume Renoise never records using Note Cut then, when the played note is short enough to warrant it…\

heh, you’re right of course kazakore :o
guess i have to increase lpb for higher resolution then in the future …

He probably means the delayed notes sound shorter.
All note offs are applied at the same time but for some notes a delay is added it means that the delayed notes are sounding shorter.

Perhaps he wants to have time-shifted notes on purpose (where the play-length is the same, by just keeping the delay value between start and off, the same as well)

the note offs would need negative delay values in this case, i think. guess it’s not possible to implement it ‘just like that’. remains the fact that renoise is pretty much randomly changeing the length of notes that are shorter than the next note off ahead …

As I said you are currently not using the Pan column. Assuming you are using a standard Tick of 12 try putting F4 or F5 (seems like you want note length around 50-60h) in this column next to the notes with the small amount of delay value and see if it sounds much better. Not going to be as fluid and requires manual editing though…

Would advise using double TPL in the future though. You can always expand your existing stuff too mind ;)