Midi Recording (volume Prob.)

Hi again,

In my prior post I forgot to ask the following question:

When I record notes using MIDI the level increases a lot when I play the notes afterwards. How can this be?

Thomas S.

Usually the given velocity-level of the MIDI device is being translated to a 16 point (volume column) or 256 point (effect column) value while the velocity for the MIDI densitiy is higher (16K of values). Renoise has just a lower density of velocity levels to record and the differences can sometimes be very annoying, specially when working with layered instruments that are based upon velocity.

?? Maybe I misunderstood you… but velocity is 128 levels for MIDI and 64 in Renoise. Almost all parameters are based on 128 levels for MIDI, except pitch bend which is 64k (or maybe 32k, don’t remember).

yep, its that way…

but can anybody tell me what sets the limitation of 64 levels in renoise?
yeah, the maximum volume in renoise is 40 (hex) /64 (dec) but why is it so?
just curious :) it’s not so important to me to have 128 levels…

Probably just an inherited, stupid limitation… It has been suggested to change this before, and I guess nobody argues with that. My guess is that it’s just a matter of time before this will be changed.

Johan: Well about the figures i was wrong, but i didn’t really dug in to get the facts up to the details, the important part was that Renoise has a lower velocity resolution than MIDI supports.

The old hex 40 comes from the old volume resolution used in trackers through the era’s the reasons behind it i can guess but don’t know for sure.
But for sure is that the parameter was never intended to serve a velocity value for MIDI… (i forgot how OctaMED handled these since i didn’t had MIDI, but from other’s experiences OctaMED seemed to support the most midi stuff on Amiga and it was really exceptionally good even compared to most PC trackers that were written many years later)

the last post was by me… :)

Yeah and squeezing 128 levels into 16 is pretty good as useless.
But even when having at least 64 levels: in some cases having only the odd or even velocity levels can sometimes be a pain in the ass if you have a VSTI layer on the other side that will never be triggered.

(whispering imho it would be a more professional application if it would support 128 velocity levels but i guess this may come in the near future)