midi remap transport keys mpd32


I hope you can help me out here.

I would like to remap the transport keys (<< >> play and rec) of my mpd32 to other playback mappings, but they seem to be hardcoded. I can’t remove the mapping, I don’t even see that i.e. the play button is mapped to ‘Start playing’.

For instance, I would like to map the record key on my mpd32 to loop pattern instead of record mode. Is it possible to remove the mapping from record and remap the rec button to loop pattern?

Thanks in advance for your time and wisdom,


According to the manual PDF, you can assign MMC, Midi Start/stop or normal CC values to those buttons.

Renoise understands MMC, so that might explain why they are working in Renoise but you can’t map them to something else.

I don’t have an MPD32, so I can’t really confirm how you can change those mappings. But it definitely seems possible.

Btw: Duplex now supports 14bit MIDI, and so does the MPD32. Interesting, eh? :slight_smile: