Midi Routing

Hi all,

I’m a brand new Renoise (demo) user, and pretty new to DAWs in general. I’ve read through a lot of posts that talk about the limitations of midi routing in Renoise, but they are all old. I’m trying to route the midi out of one track to the input of another. I am attempting to do this since I am using the Chordspace plugin. I noticed that midi routing was buffed in v2.5.1, but I’m not certain whether Renoise now handles this scenario natively, or if EnergyXT (etc) is still needed for this function. I would appreciate any insight that could be offered!


You can nowadays send MIDI messages to Effect plugins by grabbing it’s fx alias in the VST instrument list and then use the MIDI control device to blast messages to it.
But midi routing for VST instrument plugins itself is still not yet supported (or not without the Ext2 trick indeed).

can u please explain to me the ext trick i would like to know how to send midi to vst plugins

i think he means http://www.energy-xt.com/ or http://www.plogue.com/ or any vst that can host plugins.

I’ve tested this in the 2.5.1 demo of Ext, however Ext is buggy with this as it seems. -> If i route its midi output to another plugin, this works fine if i directly click the chord buttons in the chord-space editor. However as soon as i send keystrokes to the plugin, it’s all over.

I have had better results by using Reaper (rerouting through MidiYoke), i will post a video later (which is currently uploading and probably needs encoding as well)
More ways to Rome ;)

okay here it comes (The video has a HD version, it is highly recommended to watch that one):


The plugin itself is also fairly limited at this moment, it only translates a small array of keys that you send to it.

Here’s one with EnergyXT VST plugin (2.04, i can’t seem to get a demo of 2.5 VST edition anylonger)