MIDI / Sample chase possible?

Hi Everyone,

I have a query…

Is it possible to have midi/sample chase in Renoise.

Meaning being able to hear/start a note either from a midi instrument or sample in the middle of its’ length.
It’s an extremely useful setting, that prevents you from also having to play from the beginning (huge time saver!). Also if you are making longer ambient or drone things, it would make it so much more possible in Renoise

Because of the tracker interface, I’m not even sure if it is possible - if it is though, how can I engage the setting?

If it does not exist yet and it is possible, perhaps a feature request?


Autoseek could help here: https://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Sampler

Autoseek: During song playback, a sample is normally only heard once it has been triggered by reaching its position in the pattern. Enabling Autoseek allows the sample to be heard at any point during song playback without the need for triggering. Highly recommended for vocals, background ambience and other lengthy recorded audio.

Midi chase is currently not possible, maybe with a tool.

Perfect, thank you! I had looked and tried other things, but had missed this…makes things a lot easier

You can use the sample slices. Each cut is associated with a trigger note. From your MIDI device you can trigger notes. Maybe this will help you.

An LUA tool with OSC can create a slice right in the middle of the sample (or wherever you want) and associate it with a trigger note, executable from a button with MIDI routing. I’m just saying that it is possible. It could even create a slice, pre-listen, and then delete it automatically, only on samples that initially have no slices. They are only possible ideas.

I had done the trigger note option, but was curious if something elese was available.
There are times, I wish I could select a couple (over however many I’d like) blocks from the Pattern Matrix and just bounce those selected and create a new sample from that bounce - is that something possible at this point?