Midi Send Re: Note Off

Let me start this by saying I don’t know what I could be doing wrong, but I really hope I’m doing something wrong.

The problem I’m having is that whenever I try to use my external keyboard as my midi input device, renoise seems to convert the notes that the keyboard sends when releasing a key… normally a key release sends a note off and the value of the key. Renoise adds a velocity of 00 to this MIDI message. Now I don’t understand why, but for some reason synths (whether they be VSTs or an actual hardware synth like my nord rack 3) interpret this I guess as a global velocity 00 command and end all notes being output.

What this ends up meaning is that if I press a C on the midi keyboard, then press a D on the midi keyboard, then release the C but continue holding down the D, the D stops playing.

I mean, I understand that renoise only supports mono vst synths, but that doesn’t mean it should deal with key presses like this. I tried turning off the “rec note offs” in the midi configuration, but this doesn’t record ANY note off’s so the notes never end.

Please tell me there’s something i’m doing wrong and this isn’t just something that renoise does. And if it is something that renoise just does, PLEASE tell me that they’re fixing this in the new version, because I don’t think there’s any way I can use it for anything other than drum sequencing/sample triggering if this is the case…

Thanks for your help,


No, ReNoise does not behave the way you’re saying.

Did you try by activating the “keyjazz” option?

Hmmm… I didn’t… though I’ve always wondered what that is.

Just checked the manual and yeah, that looks like the answer to my problem. Seems like having the key-jazz turned off probably just sends a global note-off command for some reason. I guess the reasoning behind this is the single note nature of the tracks in renoise (?).


ps-regardless of that, I STILL can’t wait for the new release :drummer:
(any word on an approximate release date?)

No, Keyjazz is a feature which has been imported from FastTracker 2.

We can say that’ this feature is used to switch from a monophonic to ployphonic way of listening to samples/MIDI/VSTi.

ReNoise is NOT monophonic: it is monotimbral: you can’t send VST instrument’s signal to more than one channel at a time.

About the expected date of release for ReNoise 1.5:
the beta version won’t be released in April, that’s for sure.

I don’t have Renoise to test here at the moment, but I think absolut means Renoise behaves a bit weird when keyjazz is off. At least it used to. If you play these notes (and note offs)…

hit C - hit D - release D

A typical monosynth would first play C, then D then return to C after D is released since that key is still held down.

Renoise would in this case first play C, then D then kill all sound, cause it treats a note off as no keys is beeing held anymore. And if you play this fast you can hardly hear the D.

…correct me if I’m wrong…

No I won’t correct you, because you’re right :)

Indeed I’ve written “we can say”… that’s not actually true… so well… either developers will fix this or you just should have keyjazz switched on :)


Reason I wasn’t sure is because I always have keyjazz turned on. And the reason for that is this bug I guess :)


Well I felt a little dumb before when I didn’t know about keyjazz, but now I feel like an idiot because the whole 5 months I’ve been using Renoise I was under the impression it was monophonic, not monotimbral. I was quite suprised when I “learned” it was monophonic and really thought that was a serious limitation. This really renews my faith in Renoise.


This is a bit of a case for a couple of good VST demo tunes in renoise. Know this has been discussed before with probs of VST licence etc. but maybe a deal/agreement could be made with a freeware developer for distribution with renoise rights.
If not maybe a kind renoise user could make “Resynth” to be distributed as VST with renoise :D (unfortunately can not code myself before anyone says :) )

I agree… Renoise should be bundled with a few freeware vst and vsti. To make better demos and even cooler beatbattles? :)
Why dont find a few good freeware plugins and ask the authors for permission?

If there is anything else you think is strange about Renoise, don’t hesitate to ask…
We don’t want you to think it’s only got one pattern… <_<

Haha, yeah, I just figured that out yesterday! :lol:

(just kidding)

but thanks for the help all.

next post coming up after I search the forums for it: how the hell do I sync with cubase effectively?


hehe, scratch that about posting about syncing with cubase… it’s the first post in the tips and tricks section B)