Midi Shenanigans

Hi, I’m wondering how much people here know about hooking up MIDI devices. I’d like to use a game controller to send MIDI signals to the computer so that I could trigger samples with it (and get an instant snare-rush by hitting autofire, in theory ^_^). I’ve heard there’s software around that lets you do such a thing with a joystick port (after all, the joy port’s built into the sound card in several cases, including my old SBLive), so d’you guys think it’d be possible? Second question is whether the same thing could be achieved by plugging a game controller into a USB port, or whether that’s asking too much of the addled computer… I just think it’d be immensely cool to be able to play the drums live by jumping around on a dance mat :D

There is a way you can send MIDI signals through the gameport - you just have to connect your MIDI keyboard into it :D. That’s why it’s built into the soundcard.

I don’t know any software that would translate joystick signals into MIDI signals, but theoretically it is possible. Although I have no idea if somebody programmed such software and infact - I don’t think so…

It is possible and the software and know how is out there. Just do a google on joystick to midi, and you should be right.


Great, I will maybe try it too :D

wow, when ReNoise will be supporting more than one MIDI device, I will put my joystick out of the box again after 6 years, and I will have a free bonus MIDI controller :D

when I did electronica stuff I used to plug two analogue joysticks in my PC and use joy2midi with them in audiomulch … it was great, I could control 4 values at one time. so its definately possible.