(dufey) #1


Alright, so finally my midi-keyboard landed at my doorstep, and even tho it’s my first one, I’ve managed to set it up and make the effects turn in sync with the knobs on the keyboard, and it’s LOTS of fun :D

anyway, here’s the thing, how do I make the effects that occur when twisting the knobs to appear in the “track-automation”??

Can someone help me?? Please??

~Dufey (Washing the dog)

(dufey) #2

Alright, since noone replied to this, I’m gonna do it myself after finally finding out how to do this, to spare Taktik from recieving a wave of mails from people who can’t figure it out.

Alright, in Renoise, to the right, there’s a button called “Remote Mapper”. Choose it, and carefully touch a knob or any other assignable feature on your midi keyboard. After that, choose a slider.

There you go.