Midi Sustain Control?

I don’t know if this has been discussed before, but couldnt find nothing on this. When I play my midi keyboard through Renoise and use renoise instruments, is there any way to enable foot pedal control for controlling the sustain of the enveloped instruments? And what about recording those sustain-off commands(or whatever their called :) )?

Have you tried pressing the pedal? It should work and be recorded if edit is on. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t affect samples, just VSTi and MIDI. For some reason my pedal gets inverted so I don’t use it (which reminds me I should try the pedal in some other app to see wheter it’s a Renoise bug).

It might have a little “invert” switch on the bottom.

Nope :( But it could be my Ensoniq pedal is inverted to what the Evolution keyboard expects but I haven’t really looked into the problem…

It should be nice to add a SUSTAIN button to renoise with a sustain level adjustment and to be able to apply this on each instrument :)

so no pedal will be required ;)

cheers :yeah:

You were right on this. The pedal messages were recorded. So the instruments arent affected by the pedal at all? Dammit… Is there any easy way to make my own vst-instruments(I know a bit about c++)? I just got killer piano samples and want to play it live.