Midi Sync To Hardware

Hey. I Midi Sync hardware to renoise all the time. But I was just wondering if there was a way to slave renoise at 195bpm (double time) of my master machine which is running at 95.7 bpm. Instead of renoise syncing to the exact bpm of the master machine.

I don’t know about doubling the bpm, but you can manipulate the lines per beat to get the same effect couldn’t you? If I was using 4 lpb to compose, and I needed to double the speed without changing the bpm; I can just change my lpb to 8 to double the tempo.

yeah you can do that but you’d need to re sync all your drum sounds… Thats okay though I was just wondering :)

You could change the transport synchronisation mode, but unfortunately, bpm sync is always a forced option…

That’s true, syncing isn’t an issue for me, so I can scramble the lpb a lot while I work. Well I hope you find a solution!

Why would you have to resync your drum sounds? Half BPM while at same time doubling LPB will give you the same amount of time using the same amount of lines. All syncs should still be exactly the same. Sure I must be missing something simple…

Except that the half bpm part is not being done. The goal was doubling pattern speed to have a higher note integrity.

It would definitely be wonderful to have Renoise run at half tempo or 0.1x tempo of the master sync. without messing around with LPB.

  • 1 for start/stop transport sync only?