Midi Translator

Ok fellow geeks,
I don’t know if anyone else has seen this before, but I’ve found a midi message translator for windows:
Bome’s Midi Translator

The interesting feature here that applies to Renoise is the midi-to-keystroke function. You can send keystroke messages to renoise from your midi controller.
Nice for changing patterns with a knob or minimising repetitive tasks into a single note message.

Thanks, could be a great tip!

That should be really useful. B)

sounds cool… i’m still trying to figure out how it would be useful for me though :unsure:

I’ve tested this but can’t get the keystrokes to work though… Have all the assigned midi values which should trigger the key… Anyone else got it working?

Duh… it doesn’t even detect my MIDI data (it doesn’t capture anything from my MPU-401 device, though it shows activity)

So there might be a reason why it doesn’t work out.
I hoped to assign some of my preset buttons to make renoise “Play, Record pattern or song”

Just notice how some tascam users requires to fool with various midi gadgets just to get the Midi Translator going… you even need to have a second renamed copy running… LoL:

I think this is one of the problems, i’m going to mess around with “2 instances” of the Midi Translator.

I can at least route the messages to my internal wavetable synth and midimapper.
But for some reason the message handling isn’t being catched properly.

Edit:I’ve tried to use two instances of the application… doesn’t work out either.
I haven’t tried MIDI yoke yet, but you may book better results if you also use MIDI Yoke with this app.
MY true opinion however that the MIDI translator currently does a very poor job against what it promises, but since i notice that the board topics aren’t that old yet and not much feedback (no full two months), this guy probably can use a few serious testers.

Yeps, using MIDI yoke it works…

Open Midi translator.
Use your input MIDI device, use one of the MIDI yoke output channels as midi out. Use the MIDI thru option in this session of the MIDI translator.

If you haven’t done so, copy the original executable, rename it to something like MT2.exe and start it up.
Your midi in should be the MIDI yoke channel, now you can capture midi commands and send midi commands.

Now, does it work with Renoise? -> No because Renoise has it’s own window structure and doesn’t use the COMMDLG api library and Renoise uses it’s own keyboard handler.
So keystrokes send to the windowhandle of Renoise will not be interpreted.
This is something the MidiTranslator author can’t fix either.

Does it work at all?
Yes, open up your notepad and just send some keyboard commands to it, you will notice the notepad responds properly.

Midi translator is a nice idea, but not for Renoise users.

End of story.

but still can be useful to drop your patterns down to .TXT documents…

Ok, just a not so funny joke :rolleyes:

YEah, har har assign textual announcement upon your keyboard to note them in notepad :P

I had to test it with things like"


You can teach your deaf son to play mary had a little lamb with that tool :P:P:P