MIDI Trigger mode (Gate and Trigger)

According to the Tool Tip the Trigger option for a Note On MIDI assignment should ingor Note Offs (it’s not quite clear if Gate should too or if that would toggle on both a Note On and a Note Off.)

Setting up my QuNeo and small code I’ve made to increment/decrement the tempo using its pads and I have found this is not the case. I wondered if maybe it was sending Note On with a velocity of zero for Note Off (as I’ve read some devices do) but using the MIDI Dump ability of Duplex shows this not to be the case.

As you can see always a Note On (80) followed by a Note Off (90) command.


-- MIDI Mappings  
 tool:add_midi_mapping {  
 name = "Kazakore's Live Functions:Increment Tempo",  
 invoke = function() increment() end  

And it always also triggers on a Note Off.

If I use (borrowed from another tool but tested working.)

 name = "Kazakore's Live Functions:Increment Tempo [Trigger]",  
 invoke = function(message)  
 if (message:is_trigger()) then   

Then I get the triggering on Note On only, as expected.

Surely if the setting says to ignore Note Offs then it should ignore Note Offs! And what is the difference between Trigger and Gate modes? They seem to behave the same in both my own code and the default MIDI mappings that come with Renoise (well tested on Play Song at least.)