Midi Troubles


need some help with MIDI in Renoise, new to the topic, searched forums and tutorials a little but still very lost, need to find out what the possibilities with transferring music from Roland EXR E2 into PC are (buy considerstions), thanks for help.

So, trying to record a MIDI stream from EXR E2 over USB, letting the arranger play some built-in style loop for example, I don’t seem to synchronize Renoise with the MIDI data and also am not getting appropriate result.

a ) no timestep is preserved and no chords can be recorded. The pattern editor advances exactly by one line with each MIDI note that was played, regardless of the song speed, and everything stays within one track (by issuing a chord it is being layed out into several lines in the same column).

b ) only volume and some effect values are recorded (pitch while touching the pitch-bend wheel), but no actual instrument numbers (also no modulation wheel touches)


My MIDI prefs

Have also tried setting EXR to the Clock Master/Slave settings, but it didn’t help.

The EXR has a “General MIDI 2” logo, in case that’s important.

What I expect is that Renoise waits for the first MIDI note from keyboard, and then records notes and chords in the speed they’re played by the device, including instrument numbers and whatever.

Possible to do that?

Thanks for bringing some light into the darkness of my understanding :)

Nevermind, I didn’t decide to buy the keyboard anyway, so I guess I won’t need the information for a while yet.