Midi turning itself off

My midi settings disappear when I select another instrument, what the hell is causing that to happen?

In the midi panel I set the output device to ProdipeMIDIlilo as I’m using a Prodipe Midi 1/i 1/0 cable


but when I click on a another instrument the midi settings on the instrument set to Prodipe just disappear and reset back to nothing. What the hell?

Where exactly are you setting the MIDI output? Through the instrument settings, or through the global settings?

Instrument settings. When you say global settings do you mean the preferences panel, if so then it seems to automatically defaults to ProdipeMidilili once it’s plugged in.

It’s seems to have stopped doing it now though. I’ve being using the one instrument on one track for the last two hours to sequence my Minilogue, I never clicked off the instrument once during the entire session, but when I finished recording I did click off the instrument to a new one and it retained the midi settings instead of resetting like it was doing before. Maybe it’s just some small bug or something, I dunno

Scratch that it actually did do it again. I walked away from it for a few seconds and it reset itself to off. It’s no big deal as I don’t really sequence hardware all that often but I’m just curious as to what might be causing it.

Looking now, there’s no global MIDI out; it’s for clock (and related) only.

So you have to set it per instrument.

But if you set it for a specific instrument then it should be persistent for that instrument.
You shouldn’t have to keep setting it for that instrument.

Yeah it’s set to just the one instrument to control a hardware synth. But it keeps resetting to nothing if I un-highlight the instrument in the instrument tab by clicking on another instrument. In the past it never did that. It’s weird

Here’s exactly what happens. I set up a new song with default setting to show off what happens and to show that nothing is clashing with the settings.

That’s weird.

Maybe your Interface or Synthesizer does not comply with the Midi Din Electrical Specification (for Example - Electricity from the Midiline) there makes sometimes Trouble (especially with Sysex)
If you do not find the mistake, try a “Official” Interface as Roland Um-One