Midi + Uno Synth Pro

I have a problem with Renoise and my Uno Synth Pro:
The synth is midi-slave of Renoise and it works, but I can’t choose the program number 129 and +.

In the output device menu of Renoise, the program number is 0 → 128. I try to modify the bank, the mode, the midi cable / usb cable, but nothing changes. I can’t select the program 129 and beyond.

Can you help me?
Thanks a lot!

I have really no clue about midi, but hasn’t the old midi standard a 128 “values” limitation?

The midi implmentation chart can be found here: https://download.ikmultimedia.com/plugins/Manuals/UNOSynthPro/UNO_Synth_Pro_MIDI_Chart.pdf

The chart indicates that there are two set’s of 128 presets in bank 1 and 2.
The bank select Mode should be MSB according to the document.



Thank you for your quick and helpful replies!

OK, it works, but it’s a little bit weird: for the 129 → 256 presets, the bank must be 129.

Preset 1: bank 1, program 1
Preset 2: bank 1, program 2

Preset 129: bank 129, program 1
Preset 130: bank 129, program 2


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Yes, I like it!
The sound is gritty, a lot of sonic possibilities and the keyboard is very good.
The VSTi controller is a real asset.

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