Midi Velocites Shaper (or Envelope)

So, first of all, here’s “problem”.

I have quite a few VSTi that do not support the shaping of the velocity curve from midi controllers, so while some of them work really well simply by loading them up and playing, some have velocity curves (or sounds at different velocities) that aren’t very interesting.

This means that recording from my midi keyboard on some instruments is far from optimal, same goes with the velocity devices when trying to do some complex stuff.

So what would be really awesome (and not very hard to implement) is something like the midi velocity curve in FL studio

here’s a little screenshot,

This way we can change the curve and the minimum and maxmum value for midi velocities, so even if you have a bad controllers with not so great velocity features or free plugins that don’t respond well to the whole curve you could set it the way you want.

Another little feature that would be useful with this would be the use of templates, so that you can store a few different curves and switch between them easily (soft, linear, heavy, etc…)