Midi Velocity On Mixer...

Is there any chance to implement this feature to new Renoise versions :

If you use a channel as a Midi channel, the mixers "LED"s doesnt anything. I think it would be very handy if they show the actual velocity amount, like other DAWs. (Blinkin in green, yellow, red, like audio channels…)

As Instrument are not tied to Tracks the only way I could see it comfortably being implemented was if you changed the mode the Meter was working it. You wouldn’t want it blinking at Velocity level if there was audio there, including if you have the Audio routed into the same channel via a Line In. Right Click to turn Meters into a MIDI Meter or an Audio Meter, never both.

Why not both? Many programs do this, in the middle between the audio meters is a good place.

Yeah that’s work. :)


could you people stop being so goddamn creative? :P

Sorry but no.

Nice :D

The problem is that if you use 2-3 MIDI machines, you will not “see” them in the mixer…that was the reason.